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Welcome to CC Racing Engines. Please take your time and look around and while visiting you can rest assured that the products we have to offer are the best in our hobby and are the products we use ourselves. All of us here at CC Racing are racers and hobbyists just like you, not just salesmen trying to sell you parts to make a quick buck. We attend and help support races all over the country and out every year. We use our racing and world record setting experience to innovate new parts and products to help make running your RC more enjoyable. We work hard with vendors and manufacturers to provide the best prices we can for our customers. You have our promise that we support all of the products we sell. If you compare the quality of products that we sell to those of our competitors we are certain that you will realize why we have such a great reputation with all of our customers.

Thanks for taking the time to visit.

Carlo Catalanotto

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Antron Winner Circle

R/C boat racing is my favorite hobby away from work. When I decided to get serious and step it up a notch I bought a couple of modified engines from some of the builders out there and was not real satisfied with what I had received. Now you need to realize that for most of my adult life I have been racing professionally in the NHRA and deal with some of the sharpest engine guys in the world, so I have very high expectations. I made some phone calls and kept hearing the same name over and over. I finally made the right call and started talking with Carlo from CC Racing and realized that this guy has some serious knowledge of what is going on inside these little 2-stroke engines. I finally had someone who was a drag racer like myself who actually understood the type of questions about the things I would like to try inside these engines who had either already tested it or was willing to give new things a try. It was actually funny to hear talk of the same type of R&D that was going on inside of our Pro Stock shop going on with these little Zenoah engines in the CC Racing shop. If there was Pro Stock RC boat engines this guy was the Greg Anderson, Grumpy Jenkins, Bob Glidden all rolled into one. Well after spending time with Carlo and learning of his racing background we immediately hit it off and started going to races together and after I received my first engine from him I knew that I did not need to go anywhere else. I started going to some of the biggest RC boat races and quickly found out that I had some serious power and won quite a few big races with shear horsepower. Over the past five years Carlo and I have basically become family and I have been helping Carlo with his latest project of having all of his Zenoah and RCMK cylinders and pistons done on a CNC machine to assure that each engine was not only the best out there, but the highest quality of modifications will be the same from engine to engine. If you need any type of RC Boat parts CC Racing is the only company I recommend. You have my promise that if you get to know the people at CC Racing and see the quality of work and products that they sell you won’t shop anywhere else I know I won’t.

See you at the races.

Antron Brown

Driver Matco Tools Top Fuel Dragster

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