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Karl Loveless

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I hope all is well my friend.  I wanted to give you an update on how I did at the West Texas Shootout with your horsepower.
G1 Crackerbox - 2nd place and would have first but jumped a start
Open Cat - for sure one of the fastest boats but the wind was so bad could not let the boat do it's thing.
G1 and Open Mono - my son ended up 10 out of 32 
I was very impressed with the new 29.5 
BIG thank you again 

John and Brandon Borden



Borden 1

John Borden-
1st G1 shootout
3rd G1 Sport
3rd G1 Rigger
Winner of the prestigious Eli Karagich Award for Excellence.

Brandon Borden-
6th G1 Mono

Borden copy

Rob Johnson


Hi carlo just wanted to let you no the 2 engines I got of you 6 months ago (29.5 and 23cc) are going strong I'm at the Australian titles at the moment with 2 first and a 2nd already with 1 more race to go in open petrol sports hydro insane G4 so hopefully will win with your engine bringing me home :)I have the 23 in a insane mono with a 1st and two 3rds already lots of power but driver not so good (ie me) lol. Anyway thanks again and will tell everyone about your products Thanks Rob Johnson (Australia)

We'll only got second in the Australian titles got 2nd in the finals and 2 buoy cuts and lost by fifty points better luck next time:)

Mark Mechling

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Archie Martinez

Archie LSG 27 Cat


Archie SuperSport Mono


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