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About CC Racing Engines

CC Racing History

Since 1997 CC Racing Engines has been modifying Zenoah engines for R/C model boats. What started as just a basic weekend hobby to pass time when my car racing was on it's off season, has turned into a full time job.

Back then I was told that the Zenoah engines had reached there limit and the 60 MPH barrier was impossible to touch with a gas engine. Coming off a world Championship season in 1997 racing in the Fun Ford Weekend series Street Outlaw Class, impossible and barrier were words I was really getting tired of hearing. So to continue on the winning path that had started that year, the research and development began and I started to look at what modifications where being done to the engines, and it seemed rediculous to me at the time to think that these engines where at there limit.

About a month later after ruining at least five cylinders, pistons, carburetors and countless hours at the pond saving info on what modifications did what, that barrier was broken with my (Showtime) Aeromarine Team Believer. I made about twenty radar passes in a row over 60 mph with the fastest that day being 63.4 mph in 90 degree wheather. Everyone wanted to buy the engine out of my boat and I had to convince them I could build them one just like it, I have all the information logged and that there is no black magic involved. I suddenly had more engines to modify then I could keep up with.

Since those early days we have moved into a 2500 S.F. Building, Had a couple of really nice dynoes built and have done extensive R&D on port shapes, sizes and piston modifications. With the release of the Zenoah 260 we have released quite a bit of support products to turn that engine into a 6hp plus monster. Quick Change Mounts, Billet Isolater blocks, Low Drag Seals, Copper Base Gaskets and tuned pipes with 1" headers that are proving to be the best on the market. We even set a few milestone records with the distinction of having the first Zenoah over 100mph and the worlds fastest Zenoah at 102.7 mph.

Carlo Catalanotto